What is this?

An archive of questions from the Cambridge Mathematics Tripos in handy blog format.

Is this an official University site?


Can you add...?

Maybe! Let us know by commenting below.


Can I use LaTeX\LaTeX?

Yes! Use $...$ for inline, and $$...$$ for math blocks. You can even copy and paste LaTeX\LaTeX from the questions and other comments.

Is there a quicker way?

Try Mathpix Snip to convert your handwritten equations into LaTeX\LaTeX.

Can I hide spoilers?

Yes, you do it like this:
<summary>Spoiler warning</summary>

Hidden text goes here.


Note that you have to leave a blank line after </summary>.

Why do I need a GitHub account?

The comments live on GitHub discussions and are created by a fork of the wonderful Giscus app.

Why can't I edit / delete a comment?

This is not implemented yet in Giscus, but clicking the comment's timestamp (e.g. "2 hours ago") will take you to the comment's page on GitHub discussions, where you can edit / delete comments. (On GitHub, click the ... in the top right-hand corner of the comment to see these options).

Can I attach an image?

This isn't yet supported by the GitHub discussions API. If you add an image on GitHub, however, it will show up here.


How was it made?

The original PDFs were converted to markdown / LaTeX\LaTeX using the Mathpix API. The blog itself is built using Eleventy and is based on the Eleventy Duo template. It's hosted on Netlify.

Can I contribute?

Yes! The code is on GitHub. You can join the discussion on new ideas, open an issue, or submit a pull request.